How to Lose Weight with Chronic Pain: A Comprehensive Guide | 2024

Constant pain can make life very hard and make it impossible to do things. Being in pain all the time can make it hard to do physical activities, which can make you gain weight, which makes the pain worse. It can seem not very easy to break out of this cycle. But in this complete guide on how to lose weight with chronic pain, we give you three helpful weight loss tips that are just right for people who are dealing with chronic pain.

How to Lose Weight with Chronic Pain

Food and Its Role

There is no one way to lose weight while dealing with a long-term sickness. Every chronic illness has problems, and each person’s wants must be met. But some general rules about nutrition apply to most situations:

Give up processed Foods

One of the first things you can do to deal with constant pain and lose weight is to stop eating processed foods. Packages of fast food, frozen dinners, and snack foods are often high in salt, trans and saturated fats, high fructose corn syrup, ettc.

These foods give your body calories that don’t do anything useful. Staying away from prepared foods can help lower inflammation and improve your health in general.

Instead, eat whole, raw foods for essential nutrients like fiber and antioxidants. To ensure you get all the nutrients, try filling half of your plate with veggies.

how to lose weight with chronic pain

Include foods that reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is often the cause of long-term pain. To stop this from happening, eat things that can help reduce inflammation. Choose whole grains, legumes, fish, chicken, nuts, seeds, veggies, and spices like turmeric and ginger. These foods can help lower inflammation, which can help you lose weight and deal with pain.

Why protein is Essential

  • Natural Ways to Treat Pain: Proteins are broken down into amino acids, then used to make pain-relieving chemicals like endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Making insulin and thyroid hormones with these amino acids is also possible.
  • Growth of Muscle and Cartilage: Amino acids are essential for building muscle and cartilage. As an example, the amino acid proline is needed to make collagen, which is necessary for the health of cartilage and spinal discs.
  • Controlling blood sugar: When you eat protein, your liver releases glucagon. This helps keep your blood sugar levels stable and stops your body from storing extra glucose as fat. This control helps lessen hypoglycemia, urges for carbs, and pain flare-ups.
  • Keep inflammation in check: Many protein-rich foods, like fish and some vegetables, have anti-inflammatory qualities that can help with inflammation caused by pain.

Drink water

Staying adequately hydrated is essential for keeping your body and mind healthy. To do this, drink water and herbal tea instead of sugary drinks like pop and fruit juice.

These drinks do an excellent job of keeping the body hydrated, and green tea has extra benefits like anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Staying refreshed is very important for people who are constantly in pain and want to lose weight.

how to lose weight with chronic pain

Low-impact Exercises Play a big Part

If you have constant pain, you might want to stay in bed all the time, but this is not an excellent long-term habit to get into. Maybe you should do some low-impact exercises every day instead. They will help you move around better and feel better.

Some exercises that can help are gentle yoga stretches, balance training, and activities that are done in water. They keep your muscles and joints from working too hard, among other things. Some yoga moves, for instance, can help you get more flexible and stand up straighter. Balance training, on the other hand, makes you more stable and lowers your risk of falling.

When you do exercises in water, the buoyancy of the water helps support your body and lessens the pressure on your joints. This makes it an excellent choice for people with joint pain or restricted mobility.

IV therapy for nutrition

If your body is having trouble getting enough nutrients from food, nutritional IV treatment may help. This treatment puts essential nutrients straight into your bloodstream, which makes it easier for your body to absorb them.

You can learn more about intravenous treatment and weight loss by clicking here.

how to lose weight with chronic pain


Customized workouts, changes to your food, IV therapy, and drinking a lot of water are all parts of an entire plan for dealing with chronic pain. These tips are good for your health and can help people who are always in pain lose weight.


Q.1 Does long-term pain make you gain weight?

Pain that doesn’t go away can make you gain weight because it makes it hard to sleep, work out, or eat well. Even though it can be hard to stay active, losing weight helps obese people who have constant pain.

Q.2 How do you deal with severe and long-term pain?

People who are overweight and have chronic pain can lose weight, get regular exercise, take pain medicine, meditate, visualize, get social support, get help from a therapist, and learn new ways to deal with their pain.

Q.3 How can someone tired and in pain lose weight?

To help someone lose weight while dealing with chronic pain, eat foods high in nutrients, work out regularly, set reasonable goals, and show kindness and understanding. Recognize that everyone’s situation is different and that weight loss can be challenging.

Q.4 Is there a link between long-term pain and weight gain?

Medications like painkillers, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia can make you hungrier and slow down your metabolism, which can make you gain weight. To avoid diabetes and weight gain, people are told to eat a lot of protein.

Q.5 How can I lose weight when walking hurts?

Strength training, yoga, pilates, swimming, and riding are all great ways to lose weight, get in shape, and improve your health in general.


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